28 Day Health and Vitality Program

Being Abundantly Healthy

How do you feel, I mean really feel about your health? On a scale of one to ten are you at one for really not good or ten for excellent?

This program is a step away from the norm. It addresses the emotional and mental aspects of our inner-selves that we have most probably neglected and this has resulted in health issues. Are you up for the challenge of clearing your body back to health and vitality?

This 28 Day Health and Vitality Program has been developed by Denise Linn who is a leading expert in the study of the succinct running of our emotional, mental and physical beings. All of your history, limiting beliefs, and negative programming are lodged in the cells of your body. In this remarkable program, I can help you dissolve these limitations to initiate your natural life force energy and your body’s spiritual radiance.

Many people around the world have participated in this revolutionary 28 Day Health and Vitality Program, which initiates profound changes in the body . . . from the inside out! It’s simple, easy to do, and only takes minutes a day. Yet, it can powerfully transform your body and your health, even if nothing you’ve ever done has worked for you in the past. It’s about living life fully, and cherishing and honouring you.

This is a journey to lighten your soul and thus, lighten your body.  

28 Day Health and Vitality ProgramThe Process

We will meet to kick-off the program together and then each day for the next 28 days you will complete a clearly designed process that will support you in clearing the parts of you that no longer serve. At the end of the period, we will meet once again to clarify the new version of yourself.

For more details make contact by clicking the button on the top right of the page and let’s see if this is the right process for you.