I feel fortunate to have discovered the IMI Assessment process which gives insight into ones being, behavioural patterns and thought patterns. I refer to it as a snapshot of my life as it offered me a truly honest look at my life. Emma has a level of experience and expertise to explain the report findings easily, which in turn makes everything understandable and easy to follow. She has a warm and receptive personality and has the ability to make anyone feel comfortable immediately, no matter what the conversation or the subject matter. I gained an incredible insight into my behavioural patterns, habit forming patterns and precisily why I am literally doing what I am doing and why. What she conveyed to me was excellent and the feedback was constructive, giving me food for thought to take action with my life leaving me with forward thinking plans to follow. I highly recommend this to anyone who is serious about their life; both personally and professionally. This can only be a positive move.

Beverley Torrington

Cape Town

I highly recommend Emma and the program she runs. I was introduced to Emma at a time when I needed to a change in my life. This program helped me to achieve this. Emma also a plays a big part in this with her empathy and good nature. The program assisted me in identifying my strong points and areas I needed to work on. It causes you think and approach matters in a different way. Everyone should do this at least once.

Nadine Le Grange

Cape Town

Emma.  This is a very belated but sincere, heartfelt ‘thank you’ for the Team Discovery Day you spent with our head office team. You were a great inspiration to us and we all learned so much more about ourselves, about each other and how to operate better together as a team. Thank you!

H2O Blouberg

The timing of the IMI Profile Assessment followed by the 28 Day Soul Coaching Program coming into my life, was extraordinary. It is a perfect example of if you seek and believe, you will receive. I was at a point in my life that required me to address some recurring patterns that were limiting me and creating difficulty in achieving my goals. Emma provided an approach that helped me to create harmony in both my professional and personal life, therefore giving me a holistic view of my life. The Assessment and the Coaching served as a powerful tool to get to the source of my limiting beliefs and to understand my true value system. This enabled me to resolve the disconnection I was experiencing. I found that the dual process was incredibly impactful. It provided actionable advice and guidance that empowered me to approach what I saw as a complex task, in a simple and effective way. The magic behind the process was integrating Soul Coaching and the IMI Assessment. This empowered me with with an enriched outlook to leap forward. The self-knowledge I have gained will continue to serve me and will enable me to remain resilient and positive as I pursue my quest to attain personal mastery. I highly recommend Emma’s work to enable you to transform your limiting behaviour in a gentle and effective way, which allows you to move forward and maintain clarity and strength in your quest.

Karishma Alwar