Emma is one of the few select individuals worldwide that I have chosen to personally train in my specialised methods of coaching. Emma is a remarkable and compassionate Advanced Soul Coach.  She creates a safe and nurturing environment for discovering your soul’s truth!
Denise Linn

Founder International Institute of Soul Coaching, California, USA

Emma has a deeply calming and reassuring presence.  When you’re with her, you immediately feel uplifted.  As a soul coach, she stays remarkably connected to you and your needs.  Emma’s approach is a combination of providing comfort and clarity so that you feel supported and motivated to be your best self.
Lynn DiLorenzo

Spiritual Life Coach, Colorado, USA

I received my soul coaching session as a gift and went with an open heart and a skeptical head. It was a surprising and edifying experience from the onset. And one of great use in the challenging phase my life is about to enter. Further, I found Emma a woman of warmth and charisma. She made the entire experience delightful and I fully intend to try one of her workshops in the near future. Namaste.
Marcie D. Terman

Business Development Director, DataFort Ltd, Guildford, UK

Emma has one of those rare gifts of acceptance of herself, life and others and an even rarer gift of being able to help others find this in themselves.  Emma’s joy of living is evident in all that she does and she infects people that meet her with it. She is a safe pair of hands for even the most fragile traveller in this life.  It makes me happy to call her my friend.
Jill Roberton

Teacher and Practitioner of Natural Healing, Farnham, UK

When working with Emmie Hamel during my past life regression, she had the extraordinary ability to put me immediately at ease. Even though I was somewhat nervous and apprehensive to begin with, having absolutely no idea what to expect whilst wanting so much and having looked forward to it for so long, Emmie calmed me and most importantly, made me feel completely safe! She created a space wherein I felt at peace and calm and open to whatever may come. Throughout the entire time I spent with her, I felt held – lovingly and with no judgement. It gave me the freedom to be me, to go wherever my soul wanted and needed me to go. Her gentle guidance accompanied me throughout the entire process, taking me deeper into a past life that was new to me.

I must be honest, time flew! At the end, it had felt like we’d only been busy for 5 minutes but an entire hour had actually passed.  

The time spent with her was a gift, which I will always treasure. But it turned out to be a gift that kept on giving. As a result of the work Emmie did with me, I had a ‘dream’ a few nights later in which the real beauty and insight of the past life I had encountered during my time with Emmie was revealed to me, making such beautiful sense of a deep soul connection that I had to date failed to appreciate the true significance of.

Thank you Emmie, for your guidance and your love, for holding my hand and creating a safe and beautiful space for my soul to reveal some of its secrets to me.

Maria Oosthuizen

Cape Town, South Africa

Meeting and working with Emma made my days a safe at Summerhill and a joyful ride to a new world – both soul coaching and past life meditations were new to me. Her wonderful sense of humour really opened my eyes even wider to the fact that change does not have to be difficult and hard work. Emma saw me – saw me struggle for pictures in my mind – and she gave me a wonderful present – how to use imagination in the initial phase of meditation. I felt totally safe with you, and I have high standards, and you Emma meet them all.
Beate Midttun

Major, Internal Change Consultant in the Norwegian Defence, Norway