I am a pretty independent person and I have made many, many dream boards in my time, on my own. They have always held immense value for me and I find that I manifest my board pretty much with all the finer details. I wasn’t too keen on doing a dream board workshop, however my friend Emma was hosting one at the same time as I was wanting to make a new one. So, I decided to sign up and join a group for the day to make a dream board. I arrived with very little to no expectation other than making a dream board, however I was in for a massive surprise. The groups interaction had me sitting up paying attention in no time. I very soon realised that this was a spiritual experience and not just a cutting and pasting of pictures on a board. Emma guided the group gently through the workshop explaining how each portion of the board works. Her expertise held a safe space for the entire group to be open and as free as possible with their emotions and creativity. I received so much more out of the experience than I could have imagined and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get in touch with their own spirit and their own souls. You will feel clearer, energised and fulfilled.

Amanda Ross-McDonald

Make Up Artist

Thank you so much Emma for the time spent with you for the soulmate workshop! It was inspiring and enlightening! I finally have a picture!! it is wonderful to recognise one’s self worth and appreciate all the learning’s in order to move forward! I will recommend this workshop to all…self discovery is always an amazing journey – thank you so very much again!
Michelle Vooght

Wow, it was such a wonderful day and I can highly recommend it to anyone! My Vision Board is next to my bed and I am so excited about what the future will bring. Thank you for your caring, wisdom and kindness on that special day.
Bea Geldenhuys

I was privileged to attend an awesome workshop facilitated by Emma and Sharon. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I first arrived, but I certainly did not anticipate having such an amazing time. The workshop gave me the opportunity to express my truth, knowing that I was in a safe space. I loved creating my vision board and through this process, reconnecting with my inner power. Writing my intuitive letter was a very powerful process, and with guidance from Sharon, I was able to write freely and expressively. As an added bonus I met some wonderful people at the workshop and the way we all connected with and supported each other helped to make the day a very special one. Thank you!
Angela Langley

Garden Designer

I attended Emma’s soulmate workshop in March 2013 and it changed my life forever. It taught me about myself, how I view relationships and how to make the best choices for myself. A year later I became engaged to my soulmate!
Glenda Ingram

What a memorable day it was meeting new people, at a wonderful venue in Milnerton which lent itself to this enjoyable workshop “Manifest your Dreams & Passions Workshop”. Our facilitators Emma & Sharon were most encouraging, patient and knowledgeable. As a group, Emma & Sharon had to deal with very emotional moments which this workshop brought to the surface.  To “dream” is the easy part – however, to manifest those dreams so that they can become tangible is very much an emotional journey and I compliment both Emma & Sharon on their composure and openness, their encouragement and being non-judgemental throughout the day.  Sharing our dreams with other people in this well managed & calm environment really helped to give our dreams substance and a greater sense of the dreams being achievable.  Our collage that we compiled is a wonderful reminder of the day and helps to keep reminding us of the “dreams” we have at this particular stage in our lives. Thank you!
Graziella Schmid